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GIS Mapping & Exploration

uav surveying

elementarymethod map

UAV services for GIS Mapping, Forestry, Aerial Mapping and Land Mapping


The first known use of the term “Geographic Information System” was by Roger Tomlinson in the year 1968 in his paper “A Geographic Information System for Regional Planning”. Tomlinson is also acknowledged as the “father of GIS” and since then, a very sincere thanks to a perfect storm of rapidly enhanced sensor technologies, more powerful computers and improvements in GIS applications themselves, GIS is becoming the platform of choice for combining and analysing huge streams of data and the ability to analyse those data streams and display results visually on maps has engendered a number of new projects and capabilities that have users clamouring for more. The Idea Forge and DRDO’s collaborative work ‘Netra’ did create a buzz when seen in ‘3 Idiots’ but, those are primitive designs and GIS mapping systems needs more advanced designs of UAVs capable of sustaining more hours, range and no. of flights. In a general sense, the term GIS describes any information system that integrates, stores, edits, analysis, shares, and displays geographic information and weEngenious Aerospace Ltd. is gratified to offer and provide with such advanced UAV services for GIS Mapping along with other interlinked and pivotal Mapping interface services like Forestry, Aerial, and Land Mapping.

The mere mention of “drones” conjures thoughts of bombs and missiles raining down on unsuspecting bad guys. However, most of the today’s drones, more accurately described as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are or will be focused on generating data to solve peace-time applications moreover, this UAV technology is analogous to a godsend for GIS Mapping systems. Drones will not create new GIS applications but will rapidly expand existing markets because they can access data less expensively than current methods. In other words, it will be far less costly to task a drone to gather inferred data from a forest flyover than, as in the past, to use a pilot and plane to collect the same data. We here at, Engenious Aerospace Ltd. believe that UAVs are not going to develop new markets but the technology is disruptive because it will dramatically enlarge existing markets inexpensive drones, or more specifically the instruments they carry, data engines that will collect data, consume data, or collect and consume data.

The GIS industry is growing worldwide and has revolutionized the shape in which spatial data can be portrayed and UAV technology is playing a major part in the development of that spatial industry. The GIS concepts and photogrammetric techniques used have the potential to be enhanced through this technology. Taking into account the photogrammetric processes together with the possibilities of the technology, the advantages are enormous. The flexibility and manoeuvrability of the technology together with the ability to perform those tasks allows for the acquisition of images that were never possible before. The technology provides an alternative to standard geodetic and photogrammetric acquisition systems in areas of difficult environment and high risk. The indigenously designed, developed, fabricated and accomplished UAVs which are exemplary in their own sense at, Engenious Aerospace Ltd. are well competent enough to meet the demands and requirements of their customers for these interface mapping systems.

The traditional applications of UAV technology focused on military applications and UAVs were used as a ‘stealth device’. This dates back to the traditional use of UAVs around the 1950s but, in the past two decades, the technology has been evolving into broader and more diverse applications such as mapping. It can be seen that advancements in technology have played a significant role in the evolvement of the spatial industry from its traditional manual mapping roots. The automation of many processes has given way too many of the traditional practices. The concept of UAV mapping has been introduced to the spatial industry in a time which is critical for the spatial industry to keep evolving. The evolvement of GPS technology has been one of the main driving factors in the success of UAV technology and mapping of recent years. This success is due to the advancements that have occurred in the spatial industry.

Our UAV technology for these mapping services is reliable in its utmost sense and cost-effective, using our advanced drones we capture the highest resolution images and Surface Models according to your requirements. Engenious has an intense insight into and a great acquaintance with UAV technology owing to its various unswerving collaborations with Russian, Ukrainian, German and Argentine counterparts. We here, put our every best effort to furnish high-quality products which could serve their users in the utmost satisfactory and convenient way. The UAV services offered here for GIS, Forestry, Land and Aerial Mapping are discernible and distinguishable from parallel services offered by other respective firms as, the heart of these interface mapping systems lies in UAV technology and Engenious ensures this owing to its eminent designs of highly advanced drones.

The numerous and envisaged as innumerable Spatial and Non-Spatial UAV services that we offer are respectively as follows:

  • Aerial Mapping.
  • Topographic Surveys.
  • Environmental Surveys.
  • Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) Surveys.
  • As-Built Surveys.
  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys.
  • Overhead Transmission line and pipeline surveys.
  • Dam site.
  • Boundary Surveys.
  • Cadastral Survey.
  • 3D Scanner survey & Volumetric calculation.


 automatic flightpath 1



 camera clicks
Automatic Camera clicks by flight controller
Photographs footprint





These are some from the many concisely but, the complete set of Spatial and Non-Spatial Services that Engenious Aerospace Ltd. offers are summed up distinctly and comprehensibly below:

  • GIS & Remote sensing Consultancy.
  • Digital Image Processing.
  • Core Analysis (Remote Sensing GIS).
  • HyperSpectral Analysis.
  • Customised Application Development.
  • Web GIS Solutions.
  • Land Record Information System.
  • Road Information System.
  • Address locating System.
  • Water Distribution Network.
  • Land base Mapping.
  • Topographic Mapping.
  • Tower Spotting and Fly thru.
  • Route Optimization for Transmission Line.
  • Engineering Drawing Conversion (Elec, Mech.,

Civil, Arch).

  • Bathymetric Survey Depth Digitisation.
  • Street Centre Line Mapping.
  • Telecom Network Mapping.
  • Geological Mapping.
  • Environmental Mapping.
  • Gas Pipeline Mapping.
  • Survey data clean up and Mapping.
  • Lidar Mapping.
  • Aerial data Solutions.
  • Tax Mapping.
  • Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI).
  • Electric Network Mapping.
  • Parcel Mapping.
  • Flood Mapping.
  • Flood Zone Determination.
  • Sewer and Drainage Network Mapping.
  • Bathymetric Survey Depth Digitisation.
  • Street Centre Line Mapping.
  • Telecom Network Mapping.
  • Geological Mapping.
  • Environmental Mapping.
  • Gas Pipeline Mapping.
  • Survey data clean up and Mapping.
  • Lidar Mapping.
  • Aerial data Solutions.

Zoomed footprint of photographs (a.)

zoomed footprint a
Zoomed footprint of photographs (b.)

 zoomed footprint b


Engenious’s Geospatial Consulting Services Applications centralizes these:

  • River and Water conservation.
  • Site selection.
  • Utility route optimization.
  • Transmission tower spotting.
  • 3D City Modelling.
  • Municipal Utilities.
  • Irrigation & Agriculture.
  • Watershed management.
  • Structural & Geomorphologic Assessment.
  • Project planning and management.
  • Data conversion.
  • Soil Conservation.


As elucidated before, Engenious’shighly specialized and advanced UAVs are well competent to deliver remarkable services on performance and safety grounds and more elaborately it’s numerous utilities and distinguished applications are given hereby,

  • Overhead Transmission Line.
  • Pre & Post Survey Activates.
  • Maintenance Activates Cross country/Local works.
  • Broken wire condition & Current falling.
  • A Survey in Typical Areas.
  • Forest Fire area.
  • Flood Zone Compensation & demarcation.
  • Pipe Line (Overhead & Underground).
  • Illegal Connections.
  • Town Planning.

UAV surveying

uav surveying

And applications,

  • Agriculture Planning & Monitoring.
  • Watershed Management.
  • Mineral & mining.
  • Soil Conservation.

Elementary Methodology adopted using Drones (a.)



elementarymethod map
Elementary Methodology adopted using Drones (b.)


  • Sanative Areas.
  • Surveillance & Monitoring of the city.


  • Political Rally’s & Mocha Monitoring.
  • Media Activates.


Drones will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society.” This was said by one of the pioneers of computing era ‘Bill Gates’ and Engenious do believe and have the exact faith in this technology.


Survey with Go-pro Hero 4 Black

Wide 12MP photographs, 5.4mm FOV

Altitude 600 meters

Camera top facing forward

Flying speed 11m/s – 39.6Km/h

70% overlap in photographs

Distance between lines – 209.5 meters

Total number of pictures 761

  1. Automatic Flight Path with waypoints

automatic flightpath 1


  1. Automatic Camera clicks by flight controller

camera clicks

  1. Photographs footprint

photograph footprint 3


  1. Zoomed footprint of photographs

zoomed 4

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