Our Mission

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Engenious Aerospace Ltd (EAL) is a Design & Development Company in Aerospace & Defense (A&D) sector  – first of it’s kind in India.

Engenious Aerospace Ltd  resonates the indigenous engineering genius of our team in Aerospace & Defense. EAL has extensive partnership in science, technology & research across the globe in Aerospace & Defense industry, which adds to the mettle of our core strengths and principles.

Engenious Aerospace aims to be a global leader in design & development for aerospace & defense  industry and facilitate India to be a true superpower in aerospace industry through frugal innovation, technology acquisition, indigenous design, research & development

Our History

Sukoi mfg

Engenious Aerospace Ltd (EAL) has seen a great many changes in its business, its products, its services. Change always comes with opportunity. EAL has always been ready and willing to embrace it. Yet, through it all, EAL is still dedicated to those who are linked to us. EAL has never outgrown, nor forgotten, its founder’s original core values: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. Those values determine the way we work, the quality we offer, and the unsurpassed treatment you get as a customer, investor, employee.

EAL core focus is on design & development, frugal innovation. EAL deals in – Ultralight Aircrafts, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Sounding Rockets, Rocket Engines and also in ESO, MRO, Avionics, Analytics, R&D for Aerospace Sector in India.

Team Engenious

Partha Roy C
Mr.Partha P Roy Chowdhury

Director- Chief Operating Officer

Harvard Business School educated entrepreneur specialized in Business development & investment facilitation. Highly motivated for incubating Startups and accelerating new business ventures. Globally educated individual with multi sector experience of more than 14 years. An experienced, energetic and multidimensional professional who is keen in entrepreneurship & maximizing revenue by innovation, expansion and efficiency. He has served as a Major in the Indian Army. Served in the highest battle field “Siachen” and awarded for professionalism and courage. Lead by example and encouraged professionalism and service before self. He is known for setting up best practices to minimal use of logistics resources and combination of task. He is skilled in building up a strong, motivated and professional team for special operations and lean manufacturing.

Mr.Shabeer Hamza

Director - Chief Strategy Officer

Project Management (IIT, Delhi), Strategic Management (IIM, Calcutta) , SFC-SCRUM Fundamentals Certified. Doctorate in Behavioral Economics , Diploma in HR, MBA (General Management) , Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing & Sales Mgmt, BA in Political Science.
CFA Institute:- Corporate Finance, Emotional Intelligence & Investor Behavior, Investment Management, Finance Theory , ESG Investing, , M & A.
B.S.I Certified Lead Auditor for Quality Management Systems ,TUV-SUD Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. Certified Blockchain Expert. Watson Analytics , Data Science - Azure Machine Learning, Power BI. Pioneer member Blockchain Council

Former National Product Manger - Western Union Money Transfer, Consulting, training & mentoring companies in strategy development, branding, marketing etc. Networking with business mentors & trainers from USA, UK, Australia & Israel. Joint Venture facilitation. Jointly developed CGCS-Corporate Governance & Compliance Standard.

Mr.Yogesh D Golher

Director- Chief Commercial Officer

Automobile Engineer, Cloud Seeding Rocket Technology & Launch Operations, Chief System Engineer - UAV, 1 inch caliber Rocket Test program; Trainer for B.E. Students in Rocket Design and Testing Course program. Developed Technology for Advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for wildlife resource management, wildlife monitoring and security surveillance of Sparrow-S System
Conducted case study for Pench Tiger Project.
Recognition and Award by Aeromodeling Association of India and Aeroclub of India for pioneering work in Design & Development .
Technical maintenance and assembly planning in Mahindra Tractors, Sales & Marketing in Hyundai
Conducted various programs to implement aerospace & rocket technology in field of agriculture- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for crop monitoring, loss assessment. Cloud Seeding using rockets

Mr.Rajesh N Muneshwar

Director- Chief Technology Officer

Rocket Propulsion Scientist and Aircraft Design Production Engineer, Defense Technocrat, Space Scientist. experience of Designing Suborbital Rocket Technology in Kharkov, Ukraine. Light Aircraft & UAV Design production is his second specialization for which he worked in NII PFM KhAI, Lilienthal AVIA production organization. Produced Modified Design of MiG-25 Fighter Aircraft for space augmented launch vehicle system.
He owns Aircraft Production Rights of Light Aircraft X-32 / 34, Ukraine’s largest exported Aircraft previously produced by “Otto Lilienthal JSC”, Kharkov Ukraine. Developed cloud seeding Rockets for Artificial Rain Technology for Disaster management Unit, Government of Maharashtra 2015. Awarded with Ambedkar Ratna Award 2016 from Government of India’s permanent Mission to United Nations honoring the dedicated work on Technology Application for social cause. Global Aero Sport Award - 2016 for pioneering high altitude rocketry in India